Handy Floor Screeding Tips

With all floor screeding jobs, there are a number of hints and tips that you should consider before starting your flooring project. Taking these floor screeding tips on-board may help you reduce the floor screeding prices.

Sub Floor Level

You should try to ensure that the sub floor (usually concrete) that is going to be screeded, is as flat as possible. At this point the sub floor being level is not an issue ( level is my job).

Avoid Cracking

Having a nice flat sub floor means that the insulation will not rock, which in turn could possibly make the finished screed crack.

Underfloor Heating

If your new floor is going to receive underfloor heating, you need to make sure all the pipes are securely fixed to the insulation.

Meeting Existing Finishes

If your new floor is going to meet up with an existing finish i.e. tiling be sure to allow 12 to 15mm for adhesive and tile.

Treated Concrete

It is said floor screed can be laid as thin as 50mm, that is OK if it is going directly onto concrete that has been treated firstly with a binding agent such as SBR or Ronofix. Doing this makes the floor what is called bonded.

Bonded Flooring Or Unbonded Flooring

There are 2 types of flooring :


A bonded floor this is when the insulation is already in the concrete slab so the floor screed finish can be applied directly on to the concrete if this is the case It is always good practice to clean the concrete of dust etc and then treat the floor With a bonding agent this could be sbr ronofix or a cement slurry.


The second type of floor is what is called unbonded. An unbonded floor is a floor that is laid directly on to insulation such as kingspan or polystyrene sheets.

How Deep?

Because underfloor heating is very popular now I recommend a minimum depth of 60mm to ensure a good depth over the top of the heating pipes. If you are having a floor laid and you are matching up to a existing finish I recommend a overall depth of 65 to 70mm of screed before tiles Hope these tips are of use on your project.

These are just a few of the things that we have to consider when floor screeding, and every job is different, bringing with it, it’s own quirks and challenges. We are confident however, that we can help you with your floor screeding project and will be able to give you the perfect finish you desire.

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