Floor Screeding Services

Our floor screeding services are solely the supply and application of Truscreed floor screed on the smaller domestic projects i.e. an extension to your home – new conservatory or self-build.

We are quite capable of taking on larger projects but enjoy the relationship built up with home owners and builders when helping with their smaller projects.

Why Use Our Floor Screeding Services?

Quite simply – time and cost. Our Floor Screeding Services are the specialist aspect to laying floor screed into small areas. Our floor screed is ready for finishing in 25 to 30% of the time compared to most flow screeding companies.

Saving Time

An example of how our floor screeding services can save you time, would be a flow screed laid to 60mm depth. Normal drying times for this would be 60 days (natural drying times are around 1 day per mm). With our floor screeding, drying time is achieved in 14-20 days – allowing for your floor to receive its choice of floor finish over a month early. This has a great advantage in completion times of your project.

Saving Money

The cost saving you can achieve by using our floor screeding services can also be significant. Not only is the time saving a cost benefit – the delivery of the screed is also something we can reduce for you.

An example of this would be that your project needs a screed covering of 20-30 m² – overall that would take 1 ½ to 2 cube of material to complete. A material suppliers vehicle has a capacity of 6 cube, therefore a flow screeding company laying a new floor would charge a percentage of the material up to 6 cube not carried (this is called a part load delivery charge).

Here at Yorkshire Floor Screeding, we use much smaller vehicles and as such, you will not be subject to such high part load charges.


Wih over 35 years experience laying floors on a variety of projects, we at Yorkshire floor Screeding are confident we can meet your needs and achieve the finish you require, whether it is a domestic or commercial floor screeding project.

What Is Truscreed?

A strong, high quality floor screed ideal for all common floor finishes. Truscreed is available in two compressive strengths – Tufscreed C30 and Tufscreed HD C35. Available with and without fibres, our factory produced Truscreed fulfils higher strength requirements linked to faster drying times.


A range of higher compressive strengths supplied with or without fibres as required.

Excellent Strength

Quicker early strength development and greater final strength providing good resistance to construction traffic and dusting.

Reduced Drying Times

Significantly reduced drying times to accept final flooring – light foot traffic in 2 days and site traffic in 5 days.


Improved working properties provides easier and more reliable compaction as well as better cement dispersion providing greater and more uniform compressive strength throughout the floor area.

Quality Assured

Factory mixed providing consistent quality materials and accurate proportioning with strength classes conforming to BS EN 13892-2.

  • Solid concrete ground floor slabs
  • Precast concrete units or beams with reinforcement
  • In situ suspended floors
  • A topping to lightweight screeds based on Perlite or other lightweight aggregates
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating systems


All of the work carried out by Yorkshire Floor Screeding is guaranteed relevant to British Standards BS8204 (parts 1-7). All screed is supplied by Tarmac aggregates and screed complies to BS EN 13813.

British Standards


Over the last 10 years or so, more and more people are choosing to have underfloor heating in their home or office, A new process has come to the market called “flow screed” or “wet screed”.

There is nothing wrong with this process of achieving a level floor over underfloor heating or putting a new floor down on top of and existing base, in the right conditions.

The downside of this method of finishing your new extension or new conservatory floor is drying time and in a lot of cases cost.

Floor Screeding Applications

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